Why There Will Be No Wine and Cheese at Midwinter

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at public events for ALA Candidates at the Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta, including the Membership Information Session and the Candidates' Forum, both on Saturday afternoon. Typically, candidates for President also host a "meet and greet" reception at Midwinter, but I will likely forgo that because:

  • these receptions cost a fair bit of money; and,
  • I have decided not to fundraise for this campaign.

Read that last point again, I will not ask you to donate anything but your ideas, energy, and time to this campaign. That is because I believe that any ALA member should be able to aspire to run for a leadership position, and that these aspirations seem less realistic if one's campaign requires an investment of funds beyond those made available to all candidates through ALA ($1,000). More importantly, and especially now, I believe there are other causes more deserving than an ALA election of whatever financial support you can provide.

So, I will stand in the hallway and "meet and greet" with anyone who wants to talk, and I will be at our campaign table all weekend (and, yes, that's the contribution I will ask you to make, if you would like to join me), and I will visit any meeting at Midwinter that will have me, because meeting, greeting, and sharing ideas about what we want for the future of #OurALA is very important to me. But I won't ask you for money so that we can do all that in a room where there are also pricey cheese plates.

There are other causes that need and deserve your money more than I do. Many of those are ALA units that are doing great work with LIS students, junior colleagues, kids, and communities. Others are your local libraries and schools, or your museums or arts organizations. I am happy for your support, eager to hear your ideas, and very grateful for your time and energy and commitment to the work we do that makes a difference in the world, but give your money to others.