Hack Library School Q & A

I was excited to get a chance to do a Q & A with Hack Library School because that has been a great platform for important discussions (for LIS students and beyond) for years. You can read my thoughts about "The 'L' Word" in LIS education, and get some recommendations for webcomics you should be reading, but I also had some thoughts on the role of the ALA president (no matter who is elected next month) in the current political environment:

"The role the ALA president will play in working with state, national, and grassroots activists to resist an agenda anathema to our profession and to the core values of equity of access, diversity, social justice, and the public good, and in building coalitions of like-minded colleagues who share our commitments, is different from the role that he or she has played as an advocacy leader in the past. Whatever your vote in this election, the next ALA president must be held to a commitment to lead us in doing work that makes a difference in the world we find ourselves in now."

Find the post at: https://hacklibraryschool.com/2017/03/23/meet-scott/